Участники MHES 2019


Room №211

The experimental laboratory of Murat Altuev represents system 911audio, developed on the basis of his experience and research in collaboration with the KB "Prototype". As a result of numerous experiments with a number of speakers of the highest class, broadband AER BD4 (the first commercial copy) was chosen as the basis of the acoustic system>>


Foyer, basement floor

The ANTALL company, represented on the Russian market for more than ten years, is rightfully considered one of the leaders in the production of high-quality furniture for AV equipment>>


Room №220

Audeze is an advanced headphone manufacturer with unique magnetoplanar drivers and other interesting technologies. The company has a range of portable solutions for home and office>>

Audio Video Dizainas

Room №219

Audio Video Dizainas (AVD) has been working in the Baltic market since 1998, offering Ultra High End products for stereo and multi-channel systems. Each product from the AVD portfolio is a unique author's work. The excellent quality of these products is confirmed by the awards and prizes of the magazines Stereophile, Absolute Sound, Hi-Fi Choice, What Hi-Fi and etc.>>


Room №212

Audiomania is a brand name of a network of specialized shops offered Hi-Fi and High End Audio and video products in Moscow and St. Petersburg >>

Aurender Россия

Room №221

The Aurender company - manufacturer of High-End digital audio players. The name consists of the words "Audio" and "Renderer" ("transmitter"), and came up with his engineer Harry Lee (Harry Lee), who made a name in the market of home audio equipment, releasing the extender TVIX, which became a worldwide bestseller >>