Участники MHES 2019


Room №204

Discorama company specializes in vinyl of audiophile quality of the world's leading manufacturers: Analogue Productions, Venus Records, Music Matters, Classic Records, Foné, Speakers Corner, Impex, ORG, ECM and some others. Exposition Discorama, no doubt, will please collectors, and rare editions will take a worthy place on the shelves of fans of high-quality sound>>


Rooms №211

Gong-AV company focuses on the High End Audio equipment implementing the most interesting and productive ideas. We believe that to get the sound worthy Music and at the same time meet the individual preferences of a music lover, all means are good, whether it's vinyl, vintage tubes or digital solutions. The main thing - to find a good combination of components>>


Room № 214

Hi-End Centre is a distributor company specialized in the field of high end audio. We currently distribute such hi-end brands as Acrolink, Ypsilon, Ikeda, Koetsu, Lector, Maxonic, Peak Consult, Phase Tech, Taoc, TW Acustic >>


Room №206

Lazer CD – a store selling CDs and LPs. In its assortment - old brand vinyl, Russian LP brand "Melody", as well as modern vinyl discs ("replica")>>

Milky Sound

Room №210

Milky Sound Company is a distributor and installer of high-quality equipment of Hi-End class: Rockna Audio, РАР ( PureAudiProject ), HATTOR, FezzAudio. This year, MilkySound will present its findings in the field of digital sources and acoustic systems >>

Mytek Digital

Room №221

The company Mytek Digital was founded in 1992. The main direction of its activity is the development and production of studio and hi-fi equipment, such as DACs, ADCs, stereo amplifiers, headphone amplifiers and other related devices>>