Ella Audio

Hall Istra, 1 floor

We present a young Russian company Ella Audio, the production team of which consists of only one person.

Here is what company representative Maxim Yesenkov says about his work:

“Ella Audio is speaker systems, as well as amplifiers and cables - in a word, what will give you the opportunity to experience real SOUND.

Working in this direction every day, I strive to create a sound that is as lively and natural as possible, evoking emotions and full immersion in the atmosphere of music! Many experiments are already behind and there will be more to come, their goal is the same - to create systems that will bring listening pleasure. An unusual exterior is also the result of research and calculations, because just design is not enough, the body must sound!”

The company does not copy popular projects, but completely - from scratch - creates its own. The Ella Audio lineup consists of floorstanding and bookshelf speakers. The company also deals with individual projects that solve specific problems.

The company's mission is simple - to make high end accessible, to show that handmade is really valuable, because the hands of the master are unique.

Ella Audio acoustics are distinguished by excellent design, impeccable attention to detail, and great sound.


Profile: manufacturer of Hi-End acoustics and cable products

Year of foundation: 2019



Tel.: +7 905 845 82 17

Email: esenkov.m@mail.ru

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