MOSCOW HI-END SHOW - the first specialized Russian exhibition focused on pure High End Audio. Successful premiere of the exhibition was held in 2012.

The concept of MHES - promoting the ideas and values of High End Audio: high quality music performance, natural connection of High End Audio with engineering art and musical culture.

Your applications to exhibit at the show, please, e-mail at: galina@hiendshow.ru

Moscow Hi-End Show 2012 Moscow Hi-End Show 2012 Moscow Hi-End Show 2013. Винил

Moscow Hi-End Show 2013. Grimm Audio Moscow Hi-End Show 2013. Представитель TAD Moscow Hi-End Show 2013. Next Sound и SST Audio

Moscow Hi-End Show Moscow Hi-End Show Moscow Hi-End Show

Main features of Moscow Hi-End Show:

• Premium segment of home audio market : the main content of MHES are Hi-End home audio systems;  this exhibition aims to demonstrate high-quality music reproduction in a comfortable environment as close to home as possible;

• Exhibitors - distributors, manufacturers, installation companies and dealers to promote products and services in the field of High End Audio;

• Target audience  - all lovers of music and high quality audio, market professionals : distributors, manufacturers, dealers,  stores, installation companies, representatives of related professions and industries, specialized media;

• Moscow Hi-End Show is held at the Holiday Inn Tagansky ****, located in the central area of Moscow with convenient transport access and spacious suites and rooms, convenient to display and listen to the audio systems of other participants;

• Geography of visitors - Moscow and Moscow region, Russian regions and foreign countries.

Moscow Hi-End Show  Moscow Hi-End Show Moscow Hi-End Show

Moscow Hi-End Show Moscow Hi-End Show Moscow Hi-End Show

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project Director – Sergey Sorokin,  mhes@hiendshow.ru
executive Director – Galina Kindt, galina@hiendshow.ru


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