The most beautiful: MHES 2017 in photos, part 1.

It is proved that 90% of the information we receive with the help of vision. Look at the best audio installations from the MHES collection.

"Чернов Аудио" на MHES 2017

Tchernov Audio, hall Krutitskiy

ЦАП Apollo Tchernov Audio

Tchernov Audio (DAC Apollo), hall Krutitskiy

Колонки Wolf von Langa

Tchernov Audio (Wolf von Langa), hall Krutitskiy

Tad, Technical Brain

Audio Video Dizainas (Tad, Technical Brain, Versus Audio), room №219

Versus Audio на MHES 2017

Audio Video Dizainas (DAC Versus Audio), room №219

Old School на MHES 2017

AUDIOMANIA (loudspeakers Old School), room №209

Акустика Arslab и Old School

AUDIOMANIA (loudspeakers Old School and Arslab), room №209

Акустика Arslab

AUDIOMANIA (loudspeakers Arslab, cables Cold Ray), room №210

Ламповый стереоусилитель Octave

AUDIOMANIA (amplifier Octave), room №210

Audionet\PMC на MHES 2017

AUDIONET\PMC, room №201

Акустика PMC

AUDIONET\PMC, room №201

Aurender на MHES 2017

AURENDER, room №222

Aurender на MHES 2017

AURENDER, room №222

Акустика Audiovector

CTC CAPITAL (loudspeakers Audiovector, components Musical Fidelity), room №223

Компоненты Musical Fidelity

CTC CAPITAL (components Musical Fidelity), room №223

Акустика и компоненты TAD

CTC CAPITAL (TAD), room №224

Виниловый проигрыватель Avidhifi

CTC CAPITAL (vinyl turntable AVID), room №224

MilkySound на MHES 2017

MilkySound (Waversa Systems, Rockna Audio, PAP Quintet 15), room №238

Rockna Audio