Hi-End Show 2012

The Russian Association of Hi-End Audio Distributors and Manufacturers is pleased to invite all music and audio equipment lovers to visit the Moscow Hi-End Show 2012.

Moscow Hi-End Show 2012 is the first specialized exhibition devoted to high end audio equipment developed for home use.

In order to provide our guests with comfortable listening, we chose the spacious suites at the Holiday Inn Moscow-Simonovsky****. Here, in a calm and cozy atmosphere you can hear the sound of the best audio systems, get familiar with new models of turntables, tube amplifiers, loudspeakers, audio equipment racks, audio cables, and buy rare vinyl records.

Moscow Hi-End Show 2012 is an excellent opportunity to compare and choose audio equipment for home, to consult with official representatives of foreign and Russian companies and just spend nice time listening to lively sounding music.

We are expecting you November from 2nd to 4th, 2012
at the address: Simonovsky Val 2, Moscow,
Holiday Inn Moscow Simonovsky****