Ella Audio

Hall Svir, 2 floor

The young Russian company Ella Audio highly recommended itself at the previous MHES 2023 exhibition.

This year Ella Audio will present completely new projects: floor-standing speaker systems using top-end speakers Scan speak, Seas, Dynaudio and Accuton.

This is what the head of the company, Maxim Yesenkov, says about preparations for the event:

“At the exhibition we want to show the capabilities of Russian individual production. It's no secret that high quality is associated primarily with Western brands. However, as practice shows, many audiophiles, looking at Ella Audio acoustics, cannot believe that they were made in Russia.

Yes, we use foreign components. But we work very hard to realize the potential of these high-end speakers, and we are able to create products that meet the highest demands.

The Ella Audio philosophy implies not only the aesthetics of sound, but also the appearance of the acoustics. A lot of attention is paid to the finishing of the buildings. It is important for us that the owner of the acoustics enjoys both the sound and the image created in the interior.” 

Profile: manufacturer of Hi-End acoustics and cable products

Year of foundation: 2019



Tel.: +7 905 845 82 17

Email: esenkov.m@mail.ru

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