Demograf Audio Equipment

Hall Angara, 2 floor


Demograf Audio Equipment - Manufactory of Dmitry Gubchenko (Demograf), which has been producing any high-end Hi-end components since 1998.

Advantages of Demograf Audio Equipment:

  • best value for money
  • special alloy cables
  • any modification of your equipment with a guarantee
  • various case materials, color, lacquer, metal and wood carving
  • the universal nature of amplifiers (they always have terminals for speakers)
  • advice on the selection of audio equipment, installation and configuration of the system.

Demograf Audio Equipment will present at the exhibition integrated amplifiers on tantalum tubes 3s24, DACs on Duelund capacitors, cables, tube shreds and much more.

Contacts: Telegram: @jugger442 / @fearer_forever /

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