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Tchernov Audio was established in February 1997.

The main business areas of the company are the distribution of the leading worldwide audio equipment brands for home and car, and the development and manufacturing of audio and video cables, as well as High-End electronics under its own brands Tchernov Cable and Tchernov Audio.

Tchernov Audio is the exclusive distributor of Wolf von Langa speakers in Russia. The main highlight of this brand is that Wolf von Langa produces speakers using field coil technologies, which itself is quite rare in High-End.

In addition, Tchernov Audio is the official distributor of the following High-End brands in Russia: JL Audio, Bauer Audio, Schroeder, Loricraft Audio.

An important step in the development of the company was the launch in 2002 of its own cable products, developed and manufactured entirely in-house. Today Tchernov Cable products are represented in more than 40 countries worldwide; a number of its own unique technologies are patented.

The year of foundation: 1997
Profile: High-End electronics distribution.Manufacturing and development of High-End audio components.

3rd Magistralnaya 30/2, 123007, Moscow, Russia
Phone: 8 (495) 721-13-81

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